Our surveyors are provided with the equipment and training to undertake a multitude of services other organisations often out-source adding additional cost and time to the claims process.  Our surveyors are able to undertake leak detection surveys using thermal imaging camera’s, roof reports using pole cameras or drones (where applicable) and asbestos sampling.

Reports are provided to clients swiftly within pre-agreed SLA’s and at competitive cost.

Surveying Services

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Roof Surveys

The ISG surveying team is trained and equipped to undertake roof surveys while on site, via the use of pole camera equipment and drones (dependant on location).  This enables a far greater quality of roof report detail from the initial site visit which is supported with a set of images to assist in validation/repudiation decisions.

Roof reports can be backed up with a Weather Net report to further evidence the conditions and support the claim recommendation decision. 

roof survey brochures

Asbestos Testing

Our surveyors receive UKATA certified training and are competent in asbestos sampling in line with Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012, Regulation 3(2).

By taking these samples on the initial site visit we reduce the front end claim delays and provide a better experience for the customer. 

Virtual Surveying

We are able to offer remote surveying services to customers using dedicated software, enabling real time scheduling of small-scale property claims.  We have created a bespoke triage question set designed using best building practice to ensure all elements of reinstatement are accurately scheduled.  This can drastically reduce claim lifecycles and can often lead to a claim being scheduled and referred back to the client with recommendations on the same day we are notified of the claim.

The virtual survey facility is also useful to validate variations when they occur or for site auditing purposes.

Desktop Validation

By utilising our internal surveying teams knowledge and experience in conjunction with virtual surveying software we are able to undertake Desktop Validation and comparative costs exercises.  We can make comparisons against policyholder provided quotations which are a useful aid in agreeing a fair settlement swiftly.

Leak Detection

Leak detection can be disruptive and very intrusive with costly repercussions if not handled correctly.  We look to avoid this this by following several processes all aimed at locating the source of a leak before we have to take an intrusive action that will result in damage to the customer’s home.  These processes include:

  • Thermal imaging – locate heat (hot/cold) plume anomalies.
  • Pressure testing
  • Dye testing
  • Acoustic testing
  • Gas Tracer Testing